Human Hair Wigs: Care & Styling Free-for-all

I am still learning how to make pretty links, hopefully this works. 

I wash my hair basically exactly as the founder does–I’m sure you have all seen her tutorials so I won’t bother posting them.

I also watched Peggy Knight’s video, which is basically the same, although she has a gripper. Here it is.

I don’t have one of those detachable sink nozzles so I just wash my hair in the kitchen sink. I do have both a Follea and a Milano head. My husband calls them his girlfriends.

At this point I’m wearing both wigs quite a bit, and I am only really washing each once a month or so. And I don’t wear them at home–unless there’s company. Definitely don’t sleep in my wigs. 

Using Goldwell Rich Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. It is not sulfate free, so I wonder if I should switch to something without them. 

I let the conditioner sit for at least five minutes to really moisturize the hair. 

I let my Follea hang overnight upside down. One tip: last time I forgot to part it before the pinning it upside down, and the part was lost. My hair looked really big the next morning. 

I air dried my Milano, although next time I think I’ll just blow dry it straightaway. It’s wavier than I like without any styling. 

Have not used a drop of product on my Follea. What does everyone else do? 

For the Milano, I did use some anti frizz stuff by Garnier Fructis. The Sleek and Shine Anti-Frizz Serum, the Sleek and Shine Anti-Humidity Smoothing Paste, and some Pure Clean Finish Paste. Only used them once, and it seems to be alright, although I’ll probably upgrade to some higher quality products at some point.



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